Lukwe Permaculture Camp
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This is a unique opportunity to own one of the finest and most environmentally sensitive nature camps in Africa. 
For six years our young family has enjoyed the peace and tranquility of Lukwe.
Due to a change in personal circumstances, we are now looking for people with similar interests in promoting sustainable living to take over this project.

Lukwe Permaculture Camp was established in 1997 on two and a half hectares of indigenous woodland which supports many species of birds and insects.

One of the boundaries of the plot is a small river which creates a pleasant pool for bathing and relaxing. We have also cut a path through the woodland that offers stunning views of the valley, lake and waterfalls.

Originally set up as a camp site using permaculture principles, i.e swales, vetiver grass stabilisation, fruit trees, nitrogen fixing plants, etc, later developments included 3 bush cabins and owners chalet, all built with ecologically sound and environmentally friendly building materials, mainly obtained locally.

The View

Lukwe Permaculture Camp


Lukwe Permaculture Camp, Manchewe Village, Livingstonia, Malawi, Africa